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Steam Trading Cards— Jun 10, 2015

We've added Steam Trading Cards. Now you can collect the cards, turn them into badges and get backgrounds and emoticons (or just trade them on Steam market). Also collecting the cadrs you can learn a structure of every standard action block. Some of the action blocks are very non-trivial!

Abstract bundle is so Abstract!— Jan 10, 2015

Bundle Stars launched Abstract Bundle with 10 awesome games! And Great Permutator is one of them!

What we have:

  • Selection of the games is really good
  • All games available for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • All this for $2.49 (a 97% saving over the individual purchase cost)
Must have!

Update v1.18 Released!— Dec 24, 2014

A small update with a lot of small changes. In short, added colorblind mode, shortcuts, new score leaderboard and fixed a few bugs. The full list of changes you can see here.

Have great Christmas and New Year!

Great Permutator now on Steam!— Sep 16, 2014

Great news! A few time ago Great Permutator has been released on Steam! 20% off for the first week.

If you purchased Great Permutator early in one of bundles - check your bundle page for Steam key! Almost all customers will get free Steam key including Desura and Humble Store Widget.

Also the game is updated to v1.17. The major changes are global statistics system and Challenge 3000. Now you can see minimum score for every level and try to reach minimum possible total score! What is this minimum? We don't know.

Finally Greenlit!— May 29, 2014

Good news! Finally Great Permutator has been Greenlit after 399 days on Steam Greenlight with 4821 votes!

Now we are working on Steam version of the game. Expected date of release on Steam is July of 2014.

Welcome to Anniversary Sale!— Mar 20, 2014

Great Permutator celebrates 1 year after release. In honor of this event we declare the anniversary sale with 80% off!

You can get Great Permutator on our Buy Now page.

All buyers will get Steam key for free when Great Permutator will greenlit. So, don't forget to vote it on Greenlight after purchase!

Great Permutator v1.13 Released!— Mar 19, 2014

A small update after long pause.

The major addition of this update is profile system. Now you can play up to 4 different walkthroughs simultaneously. Don't worry about your previous progress — it will be stored in the first profile.

The full list of changes can be found here.

Start 2014 like a boss!— Jan 16, 2014

We glad to report that the Great Permutator is in the Lazy Guys Bundle now.

There are 15 good indie titles here just for $2.99. The full list of games you can see on the official page of the bundle. Most of them are available on Desura but you will get Steam keys for free when these games will greenlit. So, don't forget to vote the games on Greenlight after purchase!

Note: it's the first bundle from Lazy Guys Studio, so there are possible small technical issues. Don't worry if you didn't receive keys at once, you will get them in 24 hours (usually in 2-3 hours).

We are on IndieGameStand!— Oct 23, 2013

We have a special offer for you today: Great Permutator is on sale on IndieGameStand.

You can have a copy of Great Permutator just for $1. But thereís more to it. Beat the average price and get a pack of 15 extra levels made exclusively for IGS plus the original Great Permutator soundtrack.

This deal is only good for the next 96 hours, and then itís gone. So donít wait ó go to IndieGameStand and take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Great Permutator v1.1 Released!— Oct 15, 2013

Ever wanted to create your own levels for Great Permutator? If so, we have exciting news for you: v1.1 brings a full-fledged level editor which will let you unfold your creative potential. Just install the update and check it out!

List of all changes you can find here.

The website is up!— Sep 08, 2013

Finally, our website is up and running! Here you can find just about everything you may want to know about Great Permutator and even some more. Feel free to look around and donít forget to share the link with your friends.

Great Permutator is already available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Buy it now on Desura!

The previous news can be found on Desura and IndieDB.