Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find my saves?

A: Look here:

  • Windows: C:/Users/%USERNAME%/AppData/Roaming/great-permutator
  • Linux/Mac: ~/.local/share/great-permutator
The saves are fully exchangeable between different systems. For example, you can copy them from Windows to Linux and vice versa.

Q: The game crashes on launch. What is the problem?

A: First of all look into Log.log in the saves folder. If there is no Log.log or it's empty, it can be a false alarm by your antivirus (we've had the problem several times with Avast). Either disable it or add an exception for gp.exe in the settings of your antivirus.

If Log.log exists and the last line is "SE.error: Cannot open device", it's possible that OpenAL is not installed. You can find it in the _redist (or _CommonRedist for Steam version) folder where the game is installed. Also you can find it here.

If your problem is not resolved, please write to ripatti [cat] inbox [dot] ru.

Q: I bought Great Permutator a long time ago and now it has been greenlit. Where is my Steam key?

A: See this guide.

Q: I want to review your game. Can I get a review copy?

A: Yes. See here.

Q: Any hope to see Great Permutator on mobile devices?

A: We are working on it.

Q: It's the 21st century. Why 320x240?

A: It's our debut project and we decided to focus on deep gameplay.

Q: Where can I find the changelog?

A: See changelog.txt in the folder where the game is installed. You can also see the last changes online here.

Q: I have a bug/suggestion/idea. How do I contact you?

A: Write to ripatti [cat] inbox [dot] ru.