About the game

Great Permutator is a puzzle. Hard and tricky. One in which you will have to build a complex system of conveyors and various devices so that the colored boxes can travel across the factory and arrive at right places and in right order. If you are into clever engineering puzzles like LightBot, Manufactoria and SpaceChem, this game is for you.


  • 50 levels (+15 bonus levels)
  • 10+ types of action blocks
  • 16 not-so-easy achievements
  • Global score leaderboard
  • Nice pixel art graphics and cool soundtrack
  • Level editor with sharing levels via Internet*
* planned for the near future.


"... itís the kind of puzzle game that makes me think every single level is impossible, but a number of minutes later, after Iíve had a tea and stared at the screen for a while, I find myself approaching the solution from a different angle. And all of a sudden, I feel like a genius."
   — Chris Priestman, IndieStatic

"All in all, Great Permutator is a simply-presented but devilishly good piece of puzzling. It ain't easy, but it's well-made and the puzzles are downright brilliant. "
   — Kinetikai, JayIsGames